Doug Ford Stands Strong Against Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

Doug Ford may very well become Premier on June 7th, and he held a press conference to announce his intentions “to take sex education back to parents.” Doug Ford promised “Unlike the Liberals, I know that parents, not the government, are our children’s first educators. The sex-ed curriculum should be about facts, not teaching Liberal ideology. Parents should have the first and final say on what they want to teach their kids past this point. It is the number one issue at the door, and I will remain firm on this issue. I have always respected the taxpayer.”

It means that Ontario’s children may be protected from the radical sex education if he is successful. We have been working on this for years, and now all we have to do is sign up and vote.

Sign up at the link below:

Doug Ford Saved the Jesus in the City Parade-Now He Wants to Save Ontario

Ontario is in trouble in so many ways. We now have an opportunity for a new direction to protect our children and restore the economy. I personally believe Doug Ford will fight for you. Please sign up to vote at

Three years ago the City of Toronto cancelled our 15th annual Jesus in the City parade two weeks before the date. We tried to get it restored but to no avail. On the very last day of City Council, the last hour, we thought it was over. I bumped into Doug Ford and he said I will fix it. He dragged me onto the Council floor to the City Managers desk and he saved the parade.

Doug is a faithful man and marches in the parade. I am convinced that he will be the same for the folks of Ontario.

As the salt of the earth, we must participate and give flavour to Ontario. Less than 1% will actually vote so your vote is critical, one hundred times more powerful.

Also share and invite your friends to sign up and vote. The leadership will be won by just a few thousand votes. You and your friends can make a difference as we see our land healed.

Sign up at the link below:

Christians Need Not Apply - Canada Summer Jobs

Ten prominent Christian leaders traveled to Ottawa to address the Canada Summer Jobs program at a press conference in Parliament and personal meetings with MP’s. CBC reported, “Religious leaders say they’ll challenge ‘fascist’ summer jobs form on charter grounds.”

The MP meetings went very well with most committing to fight for freedom and equality for Christians.

Opposition leader Andrew Scheer said “The government does not have the right to force people to sign a form that violates their conscience or beliefs in order to qualify for government programs or funding. To allow the government this power is to threaten our fundamental human rights.”

The one spearheading the effort is Ted Falk – “The Prime Minister talks a lot about respecting diversity, but his actions tell a different story. Of course, this is outrageous, and Canadians know it. Canadians must be free to apply for government funding or programs without fear that they will be rejected for simply having different values and beliefs than those of the Prime Minister.”

Brad Trost – “I just got an email update on the summer jobs program from the local civil service. They have noted that applications for summer job programs in my riding area are down fifty percent. Five zero percent.”

Harold Albrecht – “This isn’t about the activities or services an organization is engaged in. It is about targeting the personal beliefs of the individuals who run those organizations and threatening to deny funding if those beliefs do not line up with Justin Trudeau’s own values.”

Thanks to people like you we were able to put a full page ad in the National Post to raise awareness on this issue:

Please continue to donate and help us fight this attack on religious freedom.

Every signature matters, please have your friends sign the petition

We will win with your help!

Petition to the
Government of Canada,

Petition to Primer Minister Trudeau

We the undersigned, strongly urge you to withdraw your attempt to force students to attest to supporting abortion and multiple genders in order to be employed under the Canada Summer Job program.

It is unprecedented and abhorrent for a democratic government to disqualify a citizen from employment for ideology.

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to this important cause!

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